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Typical forum-style online communities focus on giving the user as many bells and whistles as possible and very little in the way of direction and organization. Here on Mymediclique, you aren’t inundated with complex tools and paralyzed by unintuitive interfaces. All groups are created and managed by Mymediclique admins and all articles are written by Mymediclique medical experts. Members of the site are encouraged to share experiences, tips, hurdles and perspectives via replies to articles. Find more specifics on each main area of the site below.


Groups are the heart of Mymediclique—where you will find your community. We have taken great care in creating, organizing and managing each group on the site so users have a clear, concise path to knowledge and support. Each group has 3 areas: Articles, Members and Gallery. Articles contain up-to-date information relating to the Group's medical topic, each written by our handpicked research investigators. You can search or browse the other members of a group to find those with shared experiences. And if you don't feel like reading a thousand words, some groups may have a gallery to showcase relatable images. Join your group today!


You will most likely find yourself spending the majority of your time on Mymediclique reading articles. Every article is researched and written by our team of investigators. Your part in building upon the knowledge in each article is to reply with your viewpoint, experience, recommendations, etc. To do so, you need to join the group. You can subscribe to a group's article feed to get notified when new articles are posted by our experts and you can also subscribe to individual articles to get notified when new replies are posted. Please keep it relevant and keep it civil—this keeps it useful for everyone!


If Groups and Articles are the heart of Mymediclique, Members are the muscles. Sometimes searching and digesting information from the seemingly infinite amount of online medical blogs, journals and organizations can prove to be lacking in a more "real" connection to the medical condition with which you're concerned. Real connections with real people that share your concerns or have experiences to share are a simple search away. You can search the entire member directory by keyword and/or by geographic location so you can find support close to home. Become friends with other members and privately message them without ever giving away your email address.


Once you become a member, and have logged in, your account area is where you will find all your personalized content and settings. Editing your profile, reconnecting and messaging with friends, picking back up on Articles where you left off, managing your gallery, etc. are all accessible from your account menu. Chances are, if you're looking to change something like a setting or view something you've previously contributed, you can find it in that menu at the top right.

Personal Research

A unique feature to Mymediclique that you won't find on other medically-focused community websites is the ability to have experienced researchers do the difficult task of discovering, digesting and discerning all existing information pertaining to your medical topic. We're trying hard to be one of the most useful and respected sources for medical information but sometimes even Mymediclique won't have all the information you're looking for. And finding the truly useful bits of knowledge out of all the, sometimes conflicting, voices and opinions on the internet can be very daunting and frustrating. Well, let the Mymediclique Personal Research team find that information for you, make it clearly understandable, and then send a comprehensive report directly to you in an email.

Affirm MD™

If you are looking for a new doctor, look no further. Mymediclique provides a service called Affirm MD™ that will match you to a doctor or doctors that compliment you and your lifestyle based on a series of questions that you provide answers for on your profile. Simply go to edit your profile and check the checkbox for "Enroll in Affirm MD™" and answer the questions that follow.


The way Mymediclique can continue to provide such a useful and robust social network without charging for membership is via member-submitted advertisements. Most site will create a Google Ad Sense account and then throw any old ad about any random topic at you with the hopes that it might pique your interest. Not here at Mymediclique. Any advertisement you see on the site has been created by one of the members with the knowledge that it will be targeted directly at the people that it will relate to. All users have the ability to opt out of seeing advertisements on their welcome screen but we whole-heartedly hope that you choose to opt in to receive these useful communications from your fellow peers.