Privacy Policy

By using this website, any user acknowledges that it has reviewed, and automatically agrees, without reserve, to the following provisions concerning the privacy of any information contained in, and in connection with the use of, this website, and acknowledges and agrees, without limitation or qualification, that:

  • Mymediclique, LLC does not make any representation as to the present, future and/or ultimate privacy, of any user’s information;
  • Mymediclique, LLC makes no representation that any communications with anyone using this site are or will be compliant with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPPA”);
  • Mymediclique, LLC, shall be held free and harmless for any medical and/or private information that may be communicated on this website, and/or through any service provided therein, and releases Mymediclique, LLC, its agents, servants and employees, from all liability and/or claims made in relation to any such acts;
  • the posting of a user’s information on the website eliminates any claim and/or possibility that said information is private, and expressly grants permission that such information may be shared with other persons and entities;
  • there are risks in transmitting information over the Internet, and that it should not share any personal medical information, that it would wish to be held confidential, as in a physician/patient or similar privileged relationship, or pursuant to HIPPA;
  • any information set forth on this website is not subject to the HIPPA;
  • any user of the Clinical Search tool will be sharing its private health information with Mymediclique, LLC via a digital portal and/or other means of communication; no guarantee as to the security and privacy of said information, as defined by HIPPA is made, offered, suggested and/or can be inferred; said user expressly allows, permits and agrees that such information may be used by Mymediclique, LLC for the purposes of research and business development.