• Is My Information Private?

    Others can see what you post. This is the very purpose of a health-related social media website. Do not post what you do not want other people to know. You may use an alias when posting, which you can establish during the initial sign-up, but Mymediclique, LLC does not make any representation as to the ultimate privacy of any user’s information. The user is directed to view the terms and conditions of this website for further information.

  • What Information Do You Collect?

    There is a basic sign up. There is no charge to joining and using the site. If a user enrolls in the “Personal Research’ component of the website, a credit card charge is generated via Pay Pal. Mymediclique, LLC will not store credit card information.

  • Do You Give Medical Advice?

    No. The website provides a forum where users can share their medical experience and may share suggestions with each other. If a Member enrolls in the Personal Research option, Mymediclique, LLC will provide you with a report, that includes various options and information that you can review with your healthcare professional to make your own personal decision. Mymediclique, LLC neither represents nor suggests that the website is a substitute for seeking proper medical care. Mymediclique, LLC is merely providing information. All user of this website are encouraged to seek proper medical care.

  • Is Joining Free?

    Yes. Once you join, you have full access to all the Groups and Forums.

  • If I am Interested in a Group that I Do Not See, Will You Start One for Me?

    Usually we will, but we take that on a case by case approach.

  • If I Am Interested in Having Personal Research Done for Me, How Can I go About It?

    Simply sign up on the Personal Research page, and let us know how quickly you want the information. Keep in mind that the research can only begin after one of our team member’s contacts you directly in order for us to be clear exactly what you are looking into. If they feel they cannot provide you the service, the charge will be fully refunded.

  • What if I find Something Which I feel is Objectionable?

    Mymediclique, LLC maintains the sole right to delete any photos or comments that Mymediclique, LLC considers objectionable or which does not add to the public’s education about a condition. Please contact us with your concerns and we will evaluate it.

  • Is There an Age Limit to Join?

    No. We think that information and education should be open to everyone.

  • How Do I Advertise?

    There is a direct portal for advertisers. If you need help, feel free to contact us with your company name, contact information, and phone number, and we will be glad to assist you.

  • What About HIPPA?

    You, as a Member, are the only one deciding what information you want to share with the global community. Mymediclique, LLC will never ask you any personal health questions, unless you have signed up for our Personal Research option. At that point, various research professionals will see your information that you chose to share with us, which may include phone calls, email correspondences and faxes. Mymediclique, LLC makes no representation that the means of such communications are or will be HIPPA compliant. Mymediclique, LLC does not provide personal health direction nor can it advise you on what therapy or treatments you should receive. Mymediclique, LLC simply provides access to a global member community and, if requested to provide Personal Research, to provide you with information in a general informational sense.