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Mymediclique is utilizing the knowledge and experience if it’s team to help review the large amounts of information which pertains to clinical trials that may have a role in your condition. In addition to the initial review, what makes our services different from most others is that this one time payment covers the cost of us doing this research on a regular basis for a total of 12 months from the start date. In other words, we will continue to send you updates, as we are made aware of them, of any new clinical trials that may have relevance to your condition. We cannot guarantee that you would be eligible for the trial, as each trial has very strict “inclusion and exclusion” criteria. Nor can we guarantee that it would be accessible to you geographically or without other limitations. However, by using this one time payment, your case would remain “active’ in our roster which means frequent searches on your behalf will be done for one year.

How to Enroll:

Fill out the form below with your contact and diagnosis information.
To ensure the best chance for matching you to a trial there are some medical documents we need from you:

  • Any recent pathology report[s].
  • A summary of your condition from your healthcare provider.
    If you cannot obtain one, then please tell us as much about the condition as possible. The more details, the better. A team member may have to reach out to you to ask you additional questions, so that we may refine our search.
  • If it is a cancer, we need to know exactly what type of cancer.
    What “stage” of cancer, whether or not it has spread to other locations, and the results of any blood tests, genetic testing or marker testing (e.g. for a breast cancer we would need to know if it is “HER–2” positive or negative, and the result of any hormone testing—typically, estrogen or progesterone receptor status.).

Please note that when you agree to use this service, there is no guarantee of privacy in your case. Numerous people will be looking at the medical records that you provide us. A team will be involved in trying to find you the applicable clinical trial. We will never ask a third-party for your medical information. We will only look at what you decide to send us. If we need more information, one of our staff members will contact you and request additional information. Please be sure to include in your email a “best contact number” in case our team member has to call you and ask you additional questions.  Once you fill out and submit the form below you will be prompted for payment. There is a non-refundable charge for the use of this service of $325.

  • Why participate in a clinical trial?

    Did you know that the great majority of patients in clinical trials do not hear about them from their physician? Yes, numerous medical organizations have shown repeatedly the patients that participate in clinical trials tend to have better outcomes in their disease. Why? Simply because you may be able to receive a new therapy still being tested, and not yet available to the public. Furthermore, patients in clinical trials tend to have more experienced "eyes" looking at their case, which is never a bad thing.
  • Does being in a clinical trial mean I won't get additional therapies?

    No, not necessarily. Most clinical trials will look at a new therapy versus a standard therapy or will look at a new therapy in addition to any given stand therapy.
  • What if I cannot afford to be in a clinical trial?

    Most clinical trials are supported through your health care plan or if not, they tend to be supported by the pharmaceutical company who is doing the trial.  In our experience, patients are never refused due to financial hardship.
  • How do I know if I can get into a clinical trial?

    You don't. Your information needs to be presented to the people that are running that particular trial. All trials have inclusion and exclusion criteria. However, you do not know unless you submit the information.
  • What if you don't find a trial for which I am a candidate?

    That can happen. That does not mean we give up. We will continue scrolling our databases looking to see if anything new opens up so that we can offer you that information as soon as it is available.


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