About Us

Mymediclique.com is a health information social media site designed for its members to share information and ask question to each other about health conditions. Lives are improved when individuals openly share their knowledge and the means by which they overcame obstacles. You can join as many Groups as you would like. Post your comments and freely share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with the global community.  While many sites have health information, Mymediclique.com is unique in that it allows provides a format whereby our dedicated team of health-information researchers are constantly updating and sharing relevant information on numerous topics, in an easily understood fashion and without the confusing jargon.

How can Mymediclique.com work for me?
Perhaps you have a question about health or a new medication or a condition. Simply post your question on one of our many Group forums, and let the world community offer you their thoughts and opinions. Take this information and discuss it with your healthcare provider. We cannot answer specific questions about you, but we can give you general information that you can then discuss with your healthcare provider.

Sometimes, a better treatment or therapy might be available, but they have not yet become the “standard of care”. Potential new treatments are evaluated in the setting of a clinical trial. Perhaps you are interested in finding out if there is an applicable clinical trial available for you or a loved one. The dedicated research team will thoroughly search numerous relevant databases, as well as consulting our own clinically experienced internal staff, thereby focusing our attention on the right details and leads that you my find important.

Our membership is FREE and access to the information of the Group sites is FREE. A small donation “button” is set up on several places on our site should the individual wan to make a voluntary small donation.  Our site does have several venues which are paid services, including, but not limited to,  researching clinical trials for an individual, and a section of our company that does marketing and business consulting in healthcare. Also, a company may run an “ad”,  which is clearly an “ad” and they may “sponsor” a Group….but we do NOT accept sponsored content and a company that sponsors a Group has NO editorial control over the content of the article.

How can I get more involved?
Our members are smart health consumers, and they possess a wealth of knowledge. Our team of experts is happy to review any article that you would like to publish on our site as we continue to grow our interactive forums. Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to join us. The more information you know about a health condition, the more empowered you are with your health.